Watercolour restoration

This watercolour by Swanage artist Lar Smits came into the workshop in a sorry state. It had unfortunately been affected by condensation leading to the growth of black mould. What was visible on the surface of the picture was just the tip of the iceberg. Between the picture and the backing board was a mess.

After disassembly the picture went off to restorer Richard who put it through a long process of repeated soaking and drying to remove the mould, followed by some retouching of the painting.

When it came back I added a new mount, a new backing board, gave the frame a thorough clean, re-applied liming wax and re-assembled.

The result – good as new!

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Watkin Art prints

Three A2 Watkin Art prints to hang together in a hallway. All have the same coloured mounts, but the frames were each painted in a different colour to match one of the coloured highlights in the pictures.

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Silver bracelet.

The customer had a silver bracelet that she wanted to display, but she didn’t know how.

I suggested a deep box frame that made use of the bag that the bracelet came in to hide the fixing between the bracelet and the back of the frame. I also added both a stand and picture wire to the back of the frame to allow it to hang or be free standing. The message card was “floated” off the mountboard for an extra touch of elegance.

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Rena Gardiner Print

A beautiful vintage print by Dorset artist and printmaker Rena Gardiner framed in a sympathetic traditional style.

I didn’t know about Rena Gardiner before this picture was brought into the workshop, but have since become a fan of her work. She was incredibly prolific in the second half of the 20th century producing entire books by hand from her Workshop Press in Tarrant Monkton.

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Football shirt

Football shirts are generally presented in a box frame. In this case a black frame and mount works with both the black number on the shirt and the white gloves and certificate. For a child’s room this picture was also framed with plexiglass (acrylic sheet) for safety.

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Prints from a calendar.

A customer had some pages from a calendar that she wanted framing. She thought she would need eight separate frames, but I suggested that two frames, each with four double mounts, would be neater, as she wanted to hang the prints on either side of her bed.

She was very pleased with the final result, turning a few pages that might normally have been thrown away into a permanent decorative piece of artwork.

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